JOBST® UltraSheer
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Vascular Support Hosiery

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.


As the sheerest compression stocking in its class, JOBST® UltraSheer is fashion and efficiency all rolled into one whilst offering light weight, comfortable and highly effective leg support.

Features and Benefits

Easy to wear

  • Seamless circular knitted for a soft, silky look and comfortable feel
  • Reciprocated heel and toe reduces friction and offers better fit and wear
  • Nylon and spandex yarns combined with a silicone blend softener for easier donning and comfort

Wide choice

  • Maternity styles provide a little “extra” for the mother-to-be
  • Available in Knee High, Thigh High, Pantyhose and Maternity styles
  • Large range of colours including patterned

Open toe Compression Garments and Codes

CodeKnee High 15-20mmHgItems per Unit
Knee High 15mmHg
75165-30Natural (Small)Pk/1
75166-30Natural (Medium)Pk/1
75167-30Natural (Large)Pk/1
75168-30Natural (X-Large)Pk/1

Closed toe Compression Garments and Codes

CodeKnee High 15-20mmHg Items per unit
KNEE HIGH 15-20mmHg
75165-04Black (Small)pk/1
75166-04Black (Medium)pk/1
75167-04Black (Large)pk/1
75168-04Black (X-Large)pk/1
75165-25Natural (Small)pk/1
75166-25Natural (Medium)pk/1
75167-25Natural (Large)pk/1
75168-25Natural (X-Large)pk/1
73633-00Pattern (Small)pk/1
73633-01Pattern (Medium)pk/1
73633-02Pattern (Large)pk/1
73633-03Pattern (X-Large)pk/1
THIGH HIGH 15-20mmHg
75169-04Black (Small)pk/1
75170-04Black (Medium)pk/1
75171-04Black (Large)pk/1
75172-04Black (X-Large)pk/1
75169-22Natural (Small)pk/1
75170-22Natural (Medium)pk/1
75171-22Natural (Large)pk/1
75172-22Natural (X-Large)pk/1
73635-00Pattern (Small)pk/1
73635-01Pattern (Medium)pk/1
73635-02Pattern (Large)pk/1
73635-03Pattern (X-Large)pk/1
WAIST HIGH 15-20mmHg
75173-04Black (Small)pk/1
75174-04Black (Medium)pk/1
75175-04Black (Large)pk/1
75176-04Black (X-Large)pk/1
75173-12Natural (Small)pk/1
75174-12Natural (Medium)pk/1
75175-12Natural (Large)pk/1
75176-12Natural (X-Large)pk/1
73637-00Pattern (Small)pk/1
73637-01Pattern (Medium)pk/1
73637-02Pattern (Large)pk/1
73637-03Pattern (X-Large)pk/1
75177-01Black (Small)pk/1
75178-01Black (Medium)pk/1
75179-01Black (Large)pk/1
75180-01Black (X-Large)pk/1
75177-04Natural (Small)pk/1
75178-04Natural (Medium)pk/1
75179-04Natural (Large)pk/1
75180-04Natural (X-Large)pk/1
KNEE HIGH 20-30mmHg
75201-04Black (Small)pk/1
75202-04Black (Medium)pk/1
75203-04Black (Large)pk/1
75204-04Black (X-Large)pk/1
75201-19Natural (Small)pk/1
75202-19Natural (Medium)pk/1
75203-19Natural (Large)pk/1
75204-19Natural (X-Large)pk/1
73634-00Pattern (Small)pk/1
73634-01Pattern (Medium)pk/1
73634-02Pattern (Large)pk/1
73634-03Pattern (X-Large)pk/1
THIGH HIGH 20-30mmHg
75205-04Black (Small)pk/1
75206-04Black (Medium)pk/1
75207-04Black (Large)pk/1
75208-04Black (X-Large)pk/1
75205-23Natural (Small)pk/1
75206-23Natural (Medium)pk/1
75207-23Natural (Large)pk/1
75208-23Natural (X-Large)pk/1
73636-00Pattern (Small)pk/1
73636-01Pattern (Medium)pk/1
73636-02Pattern (Large)pk/1
73636-03Pattern (X-Large)pk/1
WAIST HIGH 20-30mmHg
75209-04Black (Small)pk/1
75210-04Black (Medium)pk/1
75211-04Black (Large)pk/1
75212-04Black (X-Large)pk/1
75209-13Natural (Small)pk/1
75210-13Natural (Medium)pk/1
75211-13Natural (Large)pk/1
75212-13Natural (X-Large)pk/1
73638-00Pattern (Small)pk/1
73638-01Pattern (Medium)pk/1
73638-02Pattern (Large)pk/1
73638-03Pattern (X-Large)pk/1
75213-03Black (Small)pk/1
75214-03Black (Medium)pk/1
75215-03Black (Large)pk/1
75213-06Natural (Small)pk/1
75214-06Natural (Medium)pk/1
75215-06Natural (Large)pk/1
KNEE HIGH 30-40mmHg
75241-04Black (Small)pk/1
75242-04Black (Medium)pk/1
75243-04Black (Large)pk/1
75244-04Black (X-Large)pk/1
75241-21Natural (Small)pk/1
75242-21Natural (Medium)pk/1
75243-21Natural (Large)pk/1
75244-21Natural (X-Large)pk/1
THIGH HIGH 30-40mmHg
75245-04Black (Small)pk/1
75246-04Black (Medium)pk/1
75247-04Black (Large)pk/1
75248-04Black (X-Large)pk/1
75245-20Natural (Small)pk/1
75246-20Natural (Medium)pk/1
75247-20Natural (Large)pk/1
75248-20Natural (X-Large)pk/1
WAIST HIGH 30-40mmHg
75249-04Black (Small)pk/1
75250-04Black (Medium)pk/1
75251-04Black (Large)pk/1
75252-04Black (X-Large)pk/1
75249-13Natural (Small)pk/1
75250-13Natural (Medium)pk/1
75251-13Natural (Large)pk/1
75252-13Natural (X-Large)pk/1