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JOBST® Elvarex®: Recognised standard of therapy
For over 50 years, BSN-JOBST has successfully produced medical, flat-knitted compression stockings. This is in part thanks to the company’s high degree of innovation. Today, treatment with Elvarex® is a part of standard, successful compression therapy for the treatment of lymphoedema. The scale of the product range allows for products to be perfectly adapted to individual patient needs, from gloves to foot caps.

  • Broad Therapeutic Spectrum
    JOBST® Elvarex® offers individual products for the lower and upper extremities in all models imaginable: from gloves to foot caps.
  • Optimal Fit
    Because of the variable stitch count of the flat-knitted fabric, JOBST® Elvarex® guarantees optimal fit to the patient’s anatomy.
  • Comfortable to Wear
    The air-permeable, breathable knitted fabric feels comfortable against the skin and supports patient concordance with daily use.
  • Therapeutic Use
    JOBST® Elvarex® – the therapeutic recommendation for the treatment of lymphoedema and lipoedema and their mixed forms.


  • Optimal gradient compression promotes the healing process
  • Anatomically shaped inserts for targeted pressure and pain relief
  • Improved stability for maximum safety while moving the ankle

JOBST® Elvarex®: Brings colour to life

With its superior wear comfort, JOBST® Elvarex® ensures good patient well-being and a high degree of concordance. With three new colours, the flat-knitted compression stockings ensure that you are well-dressed every day and for every occasion. In the new Dark Blue, Dark Brown and Grey colours, they go just as well with jeans as with a trouser suit.

JOBST® Elvarex®: A trend towards health

For leisure, business or evening wear, for men, women or children: The new colours of JOBST® Elvarex® offer versatile styling options for every taste.

Compression garments really can be this stylish

Subtle colours enable the fashion conscious wearer to choose a wide range of colour combinations, both coordinated and contrasting.

JOBST® Elvarex®: Always makes a good impression

  • The new colours of JOBST® Elvarex® are available in all compression classes for the lower extremities. Show your customers what’s possible. With the new colour varieties from JOBST® Elvarex®.
  • UV protection included! Another extremely positive feature of Elvarex® compression products is UV protection. Elvarex® offers UV protection under Standard 801 (Australia / New Zealand standard) with a sun protection factor of 80.