JOBST® for Men
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Vascular Support Socks

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.


Designed for men's needs, the JOBST® for Men range of socks is the ultimate in fashionable, comfortable, gradient compression hosiery.

Features and Benefits

Easy to wear

  • Attractive ribbed design with 3-D knit structure
  • A comfortable band keeps the socks up without binding
  • Flat toe seams and a roomy toe section offer wearer comfort.
  • Anti-bacterial additive reduces unpleasant sock odour
  • Special Moisture-Transport System with soft micro and multi-fibre yarns in the sole keeps feet dryer

Applies to 20-30mmHg and 30-40mmHg only


  • Reinforced heels for a longer lasting, durable product

 Wide choice

  • Available in Knee High and Thigh High styles
  • Wide range of colours

Ordering Information

CodeDescription Items per unit
KNEE HIGH 15-20mmHg
75253-01Black (Small)pk/1
75254-01Black (Medium)pk/1
75255-01Black (Large)pk/1
75256-01Black (X-Large)pk/1
75253-00Navy (Small)pk/1
75254-00Navy (Medium)pk/1
75255-00Navy (Large)pk/1
75256-00Navy (X-Large)pk/1
KNEE HIGH 20-30mmHg
75257-01Black (Small)pk/1
75258-01Black (Medium)pk/1
75259-01Black (Large)pk/1
75260-01Black (X-Large)pk/1
75257-00Navy (Small)pk/1
75258-00Navy (Medium)pk/1
75259-00Navy (Large)pk/1
75260-00Navy (X-Large)pk/1
75257-02Brown (Small)pk/1
75258-02Brown (Medium)pk/1
75259-02Brown (Large)pk/1
75260-02Brown (X-Large)pk/1
THIGH HIGH 20-30mmHg
75261-00Black (Small)pk/1
75262-00Black (Medium)pk/1
75263-00Black (Large)pk/1
75264-00Black (X-Large)pk/1
KNEE HIGH 30-40mmHg
75265-01Black (Small)pk/1
75266-01Black (Medium)pk/1
75267-01Black (Large)pk/1
75268-01Black (X-Large)pk/1
75265-00Navy (Small)pk/1
75266-00Navy (Medium)pk/1
75267-00Navy (Large)pk/1
75268-00Navy (X-Large)pk/1
75265-02Brown (Small)pk/1
75266-02Brown (Medium)pk/1
75267-02Brown (Large)pk/1
75268-02Brown (X-Large)pk/1
THIGH HIGH 30-40mmHg
75269-00Black (Small)pk/1
75270-00Black (Medium)pk/1
75271-00Black (Large)pk/1
75272-00Black (X-Large)pk/1